1.       What does alkaline water mean?
Any water with pH above 7 is considered alkaline.
2.       2. What does pH mean?
pH means potential of hydrogen - quantity of protons (H +). It is a logarithmic scale that measures and indicates the acidity, neutrality or alkalinity of an aqueous solution. The scale comprises values from 0 to 14, where 7 is considered the neutral value, values between 0 and 7are considered acid, and between 7 and 14, alkaline (or basic).
3.       3. What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?
Alkaline water, when added to good eating habits and physical exercise, helps to contain uric acid accumulation in the urinary tract, promotes the balance of the body making it less acidic, provides inhibitory action of cholesterol synthesis, helps lower the blood sugar rate and the glucose and amino acids in the cell and helps to boost the immune system.
4.       4. What is Vanadium?
Vanadium is an oligomineral usually found in seafood, cereals, peppers, vegetable oils, among other foods, but it is rarer in the liquid form.
5.       5. What are the benefits of Vanadium for the human body?
There are no studies that prove the essentiality of this rare oligomineral in our organism. Even so, it causes very positive actions for our body with a dermatological and healing effect. It acts as a natural antioxidant that combats aging, accelerates healing and helps to regulate the circulatory system, benefiting the central nervous system.
6.       6. Are the pH10 and Vanadium, present in Sferriê water, natural compositions?
Yes. Sferriê mineral water does not have any addition, subtraction or handling that changes its natural composition. Sferriê has pH 10 and 0.34 mg/l of Vanadium directly from the source.
7.       7. How much sodium is present in Sferriê water?
Sodium 75.81. Characteristically, alkaline mineral waters have higher sodium content than the others. However, Sferriê can be consumed without major concerns. It is good to always be alert to the World Health Organization indications regarding the safe consumption of daily amounts of sodium.
8.       Does Sferriê have 10 or 20 returnable gallons?
We do not work with the returnable line, just disposable Bisphenol-free, for being safer. Check out our product mix.
9.       Is Fluorine present in Sferriê added

The fluoride contained in Sferriê is not added, it is part of the natural composition of the water. It is present in the composition due to local geology. Sferriê does not have any physical and chemical changes. It is bottled directly from the spring in its natural form.

Among the 12 chemical elements naturally present in Sferriê Mineral Water, the fluoride concentration is 0.33 ml/L. According to the Código de Águas Minerais do Brasil / Brazilian Code of Mineral Waters, a concentration equal to or above 0.01 mg/L of fluoride already allows the classification of this water as fluoridated, with Sferriê being classified as Vanadium and Hypothermal Fluoride Mineral Water at the source. Also according to the Código de Águas Minerais do Brasil / Brazilian Code of Mineral Waters, to be marketed as mineral water, it cannot be modified and must be packaged in natura.