Sferriê is unique

Naturally alkaline mineral water with pH 10 and 0.34mg/l of Vanadium. Rare combination that provides your body with more health and balance! Extracted 230 merters, from the largest mineral potable water reserve in the world, the Guarani Aquifer – one of the world’s largest underground reserves of drinking water.
Its spring is located in the west of Paraná, in the city of Toledo, where the bottling and distribution of Sferriê are also performed. It has an excellent infrastructure and modern equipment, appropriate to ensure the quality of all procedures.
Sferriê does not have any addition or modification that alters its physical and chemical characteristics and it is bottled in non-toxic containers, Bisphenol-A-free, which guarantees its natural conditions in a safe way.
Sferriê is health, safety and maximum quality for you!

10 Reasons for drinking Sferriê

1. Alkaline mineral water with pH 10 directly from the source with Vanadium 0.34mg/l, a rare combination in the world.

2. It promotes body balance

3. It provides inhibitory action of cholesterol synthesis, preventing strokes

4. It helps diminishing blood sugar levels, the transportation of glucose and amino acids in the cells

5. pH 10 helps to control the accumulation of uric acid in the urinary tract

6. It strengthens the immune system

7. It accelerates the wound healing process

8. It combats acidity caused by food, avoiding symptoms such as burning and gastric flow

9. Vanadium is a natural antioxidant that fights aging and has properties similar to seafood and noble oils.

10. Vanadium helps to regulate the circulatory system, benefiting the central nervous system and it helps to reduce the incidence of heart attack.
Escada de pH


Accumulates fat in the organism.
Causes premature aging.
Impairs the absorption of nutrients.
Impairs intestinal elimination.
Retains toxic waste from the body.
Causes water retention which facilitates the appearance of stretch marks and cellulites.
Studies indicate that cancer develops easily in acid environments.


Helps to lose weight.
Slows down premature aging.
Facilitates the absorption of nutrients.
Facilitates the intestinal function.
Helps to eliminate toxic waste form the organism.
Improves hydration, which helps to control stretch marks and cellulite.
Studies indicate that cancer does not survive in alkaline environments.

Sferriê will always be your
best choice!

Sferriê is a brand of the Pereira Group/Grupo Pereira, a company that has been consolidated in the dairy segment for more than 20 years and operates in several Brazilian states in the North, South and Southeast regions.
It was in the middle of 2009 that by chance, Sferriê joined the Pereira Group/Grupo Pereira family. Attempting to find water to supply the group's dairy industry field, the spring of one of the best mineral waters in the country was discovered! The spring Novo Sobradinho, located in the city of Toledo, western region of Paraná.
In constant evolution the organization has adapted, created a beverage industry and today has a little more than 6300m² of built area and the best equipment to ensure the quality of all processes, both in the dairy segment and in the beverage segment where Sferriê is bottled.
Sferriê brand’s mission is to bring quality of life to all its consumers, valuing safety, responsibility and legitimacy, aiming to supply more and more people, inside and outside the country, since it is a pleasure for us to share Sferriê!


Being in harmony with the environment and the community is important. For this reason many organizations take sustainability measures, essential for the individual and collective development: thinking globally and acting locally. Sferriê shares this thought and started to bottle its mineral water in non-toxic packaging.
Our commitment is to ensure that the Sferriê mineral water that our costumers consume is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), a widely used organic chemical substance, which is the basic unit of high performance coatings and polymers, mainly polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins. This material is toxic and it contaminates the content of the packaging with this substance, since it is potentially harmful to health, being able to cause an imbalance of the endocrine system and modify the hormonal system, according to information published on the Sociedade Brasileira de Endocrinologia e Metabologia do Estado de São Paulo /  Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM-SP) website.
Bisphenol A can be present in coatings for food cans and several plastic items, such as bottles, nursing bottles, toys, disposable cutlery, among others. Its contamination normally occurs due to ingestion, when BPA detaches itself from such containers, contaminating liquids and food –BPA is usually released when the container with this toxin is exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. Its effects on the body can cause abortion, anomalies and tumors of the reproductive tract, breast and prostate cancer, endometriosis among other diseases.
The Anvisa (Agência de Vigilância Sanitária / Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) has already banned the production and importation of nursing bottles containing this substance in the plastic, aiming to protect children from 0 to 12 months in Brazil. In some European countries and in Canada the ban of Bisphenol A has also been adopted. Thinking about the health and well-being of our clients and customers, as well as the sustainable commitment to the planet, Sferriê has moved ahead in this cause. Our premium and traditional packaging are non-toxic, guaranteeing all the quality and excellence of Sferriê from the moment it is extracted from the spring until the moment it is consumed.
This is the stamp of BPA-FREE packaging:


Learn how to Avoid Exposure to BPA
1 – Use BPA free glassware or nursing bottles for babies.
2 – Never microwave beverages and food in plastic containers. Biphenol A is released in larger quantities when the plastic is heated.
3 – Avoid taking food and beverages in plastic containers to the freezer. The compound’s release is also more intense when the plastic is cooled down.
4 – Avoid consumption of canned food and beverages, since bisphenol is used as epoxy resin in the inner coating of the cans.
5 – Avoid plates, cups and other plastic utensils. Choose glass, porcelain and stainless steel when storing beverages and food.
6 – Discard chipped or scratched plastic utensils. Avoid washing them with strong detergents or putting them in the dishwasher.
7 – If you use plastic packaging to place food or beverages, avoid those with the recycling symbols 3 and 7 on the inside and back of the packaging. They indicate that the packaging contains or may contain BPA in its composition.
Source: www.endocrino.org.br/bisfenol